308 Tai Po Tsai

308 at Tai Po Tsai provide accommodation for double occupancy by full-time postgraduate students on taught program. There are a total of 18 bedspaces in 3 apartments.
There are 3 bedrooms in each apartment. All bedrooms are air-conditioned. Each bedroom is furnished with a bunk-bed. Each resident is provided with a desk with bookshelf, a chair and two wardrobes in bedrooms or in sitting rooms. Internet service is provided in each apartment.
Common facilities include a living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom.


Useful Information

  • Orientation Video (English / Mandarin) - showing the important information to residents include: User guide of facilities, Security and fire safety, Repairs and maintenance, Hygiene, Emergency contacts.

(Remarks: This orientation video is intended for the exclusive viewing of the checked-in residents of the off-campus apartments. Its purpose is to show checked-in residents on how to operate the facilities provided in the apartments and residents may review it whenever necessary. For visitors who would like to know more information regarding the provisions in the off-campus apartments, please email to "offcamphouse@ust.hk" or call (852) 2358 8583 for details.)